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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the circus teams up with a county fair in virginia for a new attraction causing big cont. the warren county fair, jack the boxing kangaroo enters the ring to the rocky theme song... and throws a few playful punches at a clown. but the fun was lost on some, who thought it was inhumane.peta says boxing kangaroos are "bulliid into defending themselves" and at least two have died while touring.fair organizers are sticking by the circus, which says jack performs 7 months out of the year... and travels in an air conditioned trailer. 3 3 hello i'm jennifer gilbert.jef barnd is off. a baltimore county high school teacher faces felony
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gun charges tonight. police say he pulled a weapon on a group of workers outside his home in carney. keith daniels, at county police headquarters with word on the people he's accused of t. &ptargeting.... 3 3 jennifer.... his name is aaron joseph... he's a science teacher at franklin high school in reisterstown.... and tonight, he's accused of a violent threat.... threat.... police have charged joseph with three counts of first-degree assault, felony use of a firearm and a handgun vvolation. investigators say joseph pointed the gun at three workers removing trees on a property next to his home on finney drive. police say joseph was arguing with crew members, apparently unhappy about the new homes development going up behind his property. investigators say joseph went inside his home..came back with a gun. that's when someone called po. police.(mr. weinberger/neighbor) "he's going to pull a gun on guys cutting down trees, that's crazy. they're trying to do their job." ////////////////////sot out///// out///////////////a spokesman
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for baltimore county schools is not commenting specifically about joseph's case..... but he says an employee is typically placed on administrative leave when they face felony charges. meantime, joseph is free on bond.. until his day in court. keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition. 3 two delaware parents are ccused of turning discipline into torture. torturee melvin morse who's a pediatrian and his wife pauline face felony charges of recklessly endangering their five and 11- year- old daughters by áwaterboardingá them.police began investigating when they say doctor morse grabbed the 11-year-old by the ankle and dragged her across their gravel driveway.the 11-year-old then tolddthem that on several occasions her father would hold her face under a running faucet as a form of punishment.the girls' mother witnessed some of the incidents and failed to stop them. prince george's county police
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release surveillance video of an apparent abduction of an 8- year-old girl! it happened june 9th outside the value village thrift store in adelphi. police say the video shows 25-year-old charles amofa leaving the store with theeyoung girl. investigators say he lured her to a vacant property near a playground... but she fought him off and got away. child experts say this type of abduction is a parent's worst nightmare. robert lowery "someone would think of a child being grabbed and pulled and the youngster kicking and screaming. abductors don't want that kind of attention brought to them." them."police say amofa also kidnapped a 6-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her at that same playground. he was arrested and charged. police are now trying to determine if there are more victims. a murder in northwest baltimore has police making plea to the public tonight for . help. hhmicide detectives have released four pictures of people they want to speak with regarding a killing that happened along reisterstown road last month. the man
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killed was stabbed. he was also struck by a car as he stumbled into traffic. one man who lives nearby says.... he's not surprised that people are keeping quiet. 11:24 people are funny they're scared so much shooting and everything in the city you know :30 :30 police say somebody saw what happened. tonight detectives just hope... they'll ccme forward. remains found behind this pasadena shopping center are all that's left from the murder of a young woman.a decomposed skull was found tuesday in the woods along ritchie highway.a short time later, the rest of her body was ddscovered nearby. 20 years old with brown hair. they've checked missing persons reports, but so far they don't know who she is. police say a veteran officer pulled the trigger on a suspect running from happened monday when tavon williams was arrested on a traffic custody. he scrambled to the parking lot, where police say
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he jumped in a car and tried to run down officer charles feaster.... the officer opened fire, hitting williams in the department for 38 years. this is the first time he's shot someone in the line of duty. 3 3 your looking live at downtown baltimore. the storms are putting on a bit of a light show over much of the state tonight. so far, we've just had strong storms and no reports of damage, but we're watching the situation closely. 3 let's go to meteorologist tony pagnotti for a look at your skywatch forecast 3
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the debate over expanded gambling in maryland...has resumed in annaaolis. annapolis.state lawmakers have convened a special sessionto consider a bill toauthorize &plive table gamesat they're also debating whether to addanother casino at the national harborrin prince george's county.outside...some protestersare voicing opposition to the keeping an open mind. the full senate isexpected to debate the gambling bill tomorrow.and if it then goes to the house. maryland isn't the only state thats chasing the gambling dollar.... when casino profits began to slump in delaware recently, lawmakees there legalized sports betting..... if maryland approves table games and a sixth casino, experts predict it'll drain profits from other casinos, especially those in maryland....
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(13:54:30) "its competition. its like if you had two car dealerships in one town and suddenly there was a third and a fourth and a fifth, the amount of money people spend oo automobiles doesn'' expand but the take that each dealer gets from that automobile expenditure will get smaller we can see that happening at the casino up in perryville right now." now." while the gambling measure is expected to generate millions in revenue in maryland , experts say its longterm costs are difficult to predict. that brings us to our question of the you think maryland can compete with other states when it comes to g? gambling? head to our facebook page and let us know what you think. facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. a d-c man expecting a television to be delivered to his apartment... instead receives a brand new assault r. rifle.seth horvitz says the u-p-s label had his name andd address on it... but the invoice inside the box was made out to a gun store in pennsylvania. horvitz says he was worried since having an assault rifle n d-c is
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illegal so he quickly called police. type of mixup could take this - place, especially what's going recently, these mass shootings. i don't want to be in a situation where this type of weapon can just show up on someone's doorstep accidentally. i would like to see more precautions taken." d-c police confiscated the weapon... and they say they're still investigating how it ended up at seth's apartment. a lot of us are obsessed with our smartphones...but how fast can you text? text?eleven texters put their york city.they battled it out on their phones - as they were judged on speed and accuracy. but only one of them came out with the jackpot at the end of eight rounds... seventeen year old austin weirschke. 3&229-240"texting in that last round i was like this is a really impossible phrase. i was trying to take my time on it but i really wanted tt win it again so i just went as fast as i could and tried to do my best." best."this is the second year
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in a row weirschke has won.he won fifty thousand dollars.... which he says he'll use for his college fund.texters were using phones with physical keyboards... not touchscreens. a great day for coffee lovers. just when you thought your smart phone couldn't be any handier..... now you can use it on your daily coffee run. starbucks is partnering with ásquareá... a start-up that allows shoppers to pay for items with their smart-phones. starting this fall you can pay with a simple scan of a barcode on the app. in the future... you'll be able to tell the cashier your name and like magic... it's paid for. but it's a really bad day for all those cell phone users. cell phone radiation standards could get an upgrade. the government accountability office wants to raise the limits by 20-percent.they say it's because people are using their cell phones in other capacities... rather than just talking with their phones next to their ear.the g-a-o raised the issue at the request of
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three democratic senators who feel lower radiation standards mean more costs for consumers. 3 nazi's in america's military? why hate groups are gaining ground in our armed forces. a controversial school "test". why the a-c-l-u is fighing it.... and defending teen mothers..... at one southern school. 3 step one, clean, step two paint... simple. how one road crew in pennsylvania really messee it up.
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governor o'malley joins hundreds from the sikh community here in maryland to remember the victims from sunday's deadly shooting in wis. was an evening of prayer in randallstown.the governor says violence will not be tolerated here in maryland or anywhere else. and we're told members of the sikh community are in talks with the baltimore county police department about increasing
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security at the temple. "cannot make sense of this in logicial terms, the only thing that transforms the horrible taking of life is the power of " love"rabbi's, imans and other relgious leaders also attended tonight's vigil. even though the investigation pt the scene is over, investigators are busy digging into the past of the shooter, wade michael page.chris lawrence paints a picture of a 40-year-old army veteran who police say was the lone gunman, and whom evidence suggests was a white supremacis. supremacist. wade michael page's belief in white power was tattooed all over his body, as this myspace photo shows. but back at ft. bragg, you couldn't tell by looking at him."he didn't have the tattoos when he was in the army."but fellow soldier and friend chris robillard says page wasn't shy about sharing his views, and ranted against non-white people."he would often mention the racial holy war that was coming."a criminologist who nterviewed
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page said he started identifying with the new-nnzi movement while he was in the army, because he thought african-american soldiers got preferential treatment. "specifically, what he told me at one point was that, 'if you join the military, and you're not a racist, then you certainly will be by the time you leave.'"well before pictures like this were posted on facebook, the fbi had identified huudreds of veterans involved in white supremacist incidents. and federal investigators say small numbers of white supremacists have infiltrated most parts of the military. while page was at ft. bragg in 1995, three soldiers were caught and convicted of murdering a black couple outside the base. all were identified as neo-nazi skinheads. the army cracked down on racists in the ranks and kicked out dozens off soldiers. but the problem goes way beyond one base."every major military installatioo, you will have at least two or three active neo-nazi organizations actively trying to recruit on-duty personnel." t.j. leyden would know. he's a
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former marine and skinhead, whoosays some military units ignore overt racismm.i used to hang a swastika flag on my wall locker. and everybody in my unit all the way up to my commandee knew it. the only time they ever asked me to take it down is when the commanding general would come through, just so they wouldn't get in trouble."now, that's not to say that happens across the board. in fact, even leyden admits that in his brother's unit, the commander there took an extremely hard line against this kind of racism. e would crack down whenever troops put out anything that had racist overtones, made them take it down, and send it home. the army and marines have strict rules against this. but ultimately it can come own to how much the individual commanddr takes a look at it, and enforces those rules.chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. 3 the f-b-i says page shot himself in the head after the massacre. so far, they've
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found no notes or clues to explain page's killing spree. 3 3 3 3
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protection for pregnant teens. why the aclu is fighting to keep young momm in one southern school. shouud have probably picked that up first. the big mistake by a pennsylvania road crew that's gone viral. 3 you keep hearing amazing things about verizon fios.
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better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you.
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because it's not up to the special interests, common sense says the fathers should be in as much trouble as the teen mothers.a publicly- funded school in lousiana is is under fire today... after a controversial pregnancy policy is called into question. question.the delhi charter school says it can require female students to take pregnancy tests... and it won't let pregnant students attend classes on campus.but the aclu rgues... that's against the law. woman says: girls who are pregnant today deserve the right o be in class just as the same as women who are pregnant deserve the right to be in the work place. place.the school's principal says he's having the policy reviewed by lawyers.
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an indiana man could use some common sense.aaron collin was arrested for using a home daycare center to deal drugs. collin's lives there, and his girlfriends mother runs the daycare. the arrest came after .an undercover officer bought 50-dollars worth of marijuana from collins while inside the daycare. a road crew in pennsylvania is making headlines for a total llck of common sense. sense. check out their work on this western pennsylvania highway. somehow the line painting crew managed to make their mark on a fresh pile of roadkill. the dead raccoon became part it's touring the internet. a transportation official says they normally remove roodkill before painting, but traffic was too heavy to remove the animal in this case. 3 yes, the reservation is under a. bear. how yogi wound up checking in to the nature suite.
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have a luxury suite for you. you.check out this bear wandering an empty hotel hallway in new looks like he entered the hotel through a back door that was left propped open. the moral of the storyyis play dead in a bear attack, but step one is keeping your doors closed. a mixed bag for our weekend weather. weather. let's go to tony pagnotti for the extended forecast.
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the orioles 20-year-old phenom makes his debut...see how manny machado did in his first the preseason begins for the ravenn...find out which ravens quarterback threw 3 in sports unlimited...
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breaking newssout of howard county tonight.police say a man wanted on a warrant in baltimore was shot and killed by an officer in columbia it happeneddjust before eight o'clock tonight. get more on this story on fox45 morning news. 3 3 that's all for the late edition, i'm jennifer gilbert. here's morgan adsit, sports unlimited starts right now. it only took 2 manny machado's up in the bigs...making his orioles debut tonight.skipping over triple a ball....and starting at third.... batting 9th. 9th."...manny machado" a standing ovation for the 20-year-old....1st at-bat...bouncer to short... 6-3 put out.... in his first plate appearance....bottom of
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the 5th...first major league hit coming up...slices it to the gap in right-center... machado's thinking three... slides in without a throw...a triple for his firsttbig league hit...his family loving it....machado scored on a sac fly...o's trail 7-1...he went 2-for-4 in his first game.... but the o's 5 game win streak comes to an end...royals win 8-2... 3 there's two ways to get early
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opportunities in nnf-l training camp...other players' injuries...and older vets getting time off..that's the case tonight in the ravens first preseason game at ed reed, ray lewis, or matt birk suiting up. there's two rookies on the o- line... gino gradkowski and kelecci osmele.and rookie courtney upshaw sergio kindle got plenty of reps at outside linebacker. linebacker.2nd quarttr... ravens down 14-0...offensive line a question mark...this isn't the anwser the ravens were hoping for...akeem dent destroys joe flacco...flacco sacked twice....on 3rd and 12...flacco hooks up with a first down....later in the - drive...2nd and goal...flacco connects with ed dickson for the touchdown...wasn't all great though...dickson left the game with a shoulder injury...more on that in just a bit..3rd quarter...curtis painter behind center...3rd and goal...finds tight end billy bajema in the end zone for 6...ravens tie it at 17.... closing minute of the quarter...painter lofts it for undrafted rookie out of florida... deonte thompson... painter's 2nd touchdown
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pass... he had 3.ravens lead 24-17...and win their first preseason game 31-17. flacco goes 9 for 12 for 88 yards and a touchdown...the first string defense didn't look up 2 touchdowns....all and all... first string not great on all sides of the ball... 2nd and 3rd teams won this game for the ravens.they out-scored atlanta in the 2nd half... 24-0..tight end ed dickson will have a m-r-i on his shoulder... harbaugh said after the game he could be out a few weeks. that's it for sports unlimited...i'm morgan adsit.... goodnight.
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